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Students: Be an Intern and get the practical skills that could help you get a job in biotechnology.

What is an internship?
Internships are paid or unpaid opportunities to get on-the-job practice in job skills. Internships typically last for a few months or for a summer term and can be part-time or full-time. It is an excellent way to find out more about the industry. In addition, the skills learned in an internship can make someone a better job candidate when they interview for their career job of choice.


College Students Seeking Internships

  • Watch local job postings on websites for biotechnology-related opportunities.
  • Prepare a skills-based resume.
  • Update your basic lab skills in a workshop.

High School Student Internship Program

The Life Sciences Summer Institute’s (LSSI) High School Internship Program is an eight-week internship opportunity, which includes one week of non-paid pre-internship training ('boot camp'), followed by a 7-week paid internship in a research lab. Through a competitive process, students may obtain an internship position at one of San Diego's world-renowned scientific research institutes.
LSSI Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • at least 16 years of age by the end of the current school year
  • at least one year each of high school level chemistry and biology
  • minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • able to commit to 40 hours/week, five days per week (daytime) for the duration of the program
  • able to provide their own transportation
  • most recent semester completed at a public or private high school in San Diego County


SDBEC does not collect resumes, recruit, or perform any other hiring-related functions. SDBEC is not responsible for anybody recruited, hired, or accepted into jobs or internships posted on this site.

Employers: Mentor an intern and help open a door to someone's future.

Does your company have an opportunity to mentor a student intern or teacher extern?

Contact the Southern California Biotechnology Center @ Miramar College to see how you can get involved!


Additional resources for mentoring opportunites maybe be found by visiting the links listed below.

Southern California
Biotechnology Center
@ Miramar College

Miramar Amgen
Teacher Support Center

Sandra Slivka, Director
[email protected] Colllege


The San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium (SDBEC) is a forum for the life sciences education community whose goal is to more closely align curriculum with industry need.  SDBEC is part of the California Community Colleges “Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy” program.

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